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Finding Christ

Ever since I was very young I always had a desire to read the Bible. I didn’t understand it; but I always kept trying. I attended the meetings of many denominations, and none of them ever felt right. There was always something missing. One day I read Revelation, in the Bible, where God was speaking to the different churches and telling them what he liked and didn’t like about them. I noticed that there was a particular church in Philadelphia that pleased Him. I remember praying: “Lord if I go to a church I want it to be the right one. I don’t want to go through life attending a church You are not pleased with.”

My family and I moved to Austin. I had already been here a year when I ran into one of my neighbors as I was on my way to pick up my children. We started talking and I found myself liking her company. One day I went to visit her and I noticed she had a book on Genesis (Genesis is in the Bible) on her table. I didn’t mention anything to her but it peeked my curiosity. I stayed silent, until one day I couldn’t anymore; so I asked her if she read the Bible. She replied yes. I was so happy! I had so many questions. She slowed me down and told me that if I wanted to we could start reading something together. I accepted. From that day on I knew I had found my place. I had experience after experience with the Lord I never had before. I came to know and enjoy the living God moment to moment in a very practical way.

In the ministry of Witness Lee the only focus is Christ–Christ as our all, Christ as the Person, not just Christ as the word. I still have a normal life with its day to day challenges. The only difference is that now it’s in Christ.

Praise Him for His love and Mercy!




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